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WunFa Sends Caterpillar C7 C-9 Injector To Customer.

- Dec 20, 2018 -

WunFa sends Caterpillar injector to customer.The model number are 263-8218 and 235-2888.

Our factory of diesel fuel injection spare parts was established since 20 years ago. We developed and produced 

Caterpillar  injectors for several years with good quality and competitive price. 

The Caterpillar injector model as following:241-3239,238-8091,328-2582,328-2585,263-8218,10R-4761,10R-4762,10R-4763,10R-7225,387-9427,254-4339,254-4340,387-9432,387-9433,328-2574,10R-7222,236-0962,235-2888,188-8739,10R-7224.

If you need them.WunFa is one of your best choices

C7 C9 C-9 injector

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