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Turbocharger Precautions

- Nov 30, 2017 -

As the turbocharger is often in high-speed, high temperature work, turbocharger exhaust turbine temperature of about 600 ℃, supercharger rotor to 8000-11000r / min high-speed rotation, so to ensure the turbocharger to work properly, the use of Should pay attention to the following points:

Do not leave the car

After starting the engine, especially in winter, allow it to idle for a period of time to allow the lubricant to fully lubricate the bearings before the supercharger rotor runs at high speed. So do not start the throttle after the throttle, to prevent damage to the supercharger seal.

Do not turn off immediately

After the engine is running at high speed for a long time, it can not be turned off immediately. When the engine is working, a portion of the oil is supplied to the turbocharger rotor bearings for lubrication and for cooling. Sudden shutdown of the running engine, the oil pressure quickly dropped to zero, turbocharger turbine part of the high temperature reached the middle of the bearing support shell heat can not be quickly taken away, while the turbocharger rotor is still inertial high-speed rotation , Therefore, if the engine is suddenly shut down in the engine warm state, it will cause the oil in the turbocharger to overheat and cause damage to the bearing and the shaft. In particular, to prevent a few feet off the throttle after a sudden stall.

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