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Turbocharger Maintenance Errors

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Misunderstanding one: free to change the oil

In the "drink" oil, the turbocharger is indeed more "delicate", in addition to the amount of larger than normal naturally aspirated engine, the oil requirements are higher. Because the turbocharger design and naturally aspirated engine is different, its main shaft floating design, between the turbine body and the main shaft filled with oil, the main shaft rely on lubricating oil to heat and lubrication, and the viscosity of poor quality oil High degree of liquidity is poor, can not play a good role. Proposal owners to increase some input in this regard, to the vehicle replacement of fully synthetic motor oil.

Misunderstanding two: to the destination immediately turn off

After the engine is under heavy load for a long time, the owner must idle for a few minutes before shutting down the engine, allowing the part to cool effectively and be lubricated. A car that is turned off immediately will cause the vehicle to constantly be in a high-speed idling state. The problem is the same as sudden acceleration, which will damage the vehicle's bearings.

Misunderstanding three: a throttle on the start of the boom

Being able to increase speed in a short period of time is a major feature of turbocharged cars, but this does not mean that car owners can rudely deal with their car, in fact, just starting it can easily damage the supercharger oil seal. Turbocharged engine high number of revolutions, start the vehicle, you can not step on the accelerator pedal, should be idling for 3-5 minutes, so that the oil pump has enough time to deliver oil to all parts of the turbocharger, while oil After the temperature rises slowly, the liquidity is better, and speeding up at this time will be "like a duck".

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