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Mechanical Failure

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Common faults include mechanical and electrical faults. Mechanical problems include the fuel injector spool jamming, fuel injector blocking and leakage. When the injector has the above fault, it will cause mechanical action failure, thus affecting the normal operation of the engine, sometimes even causing serious engine failure.

Injector needle stuck

Injector work is issued by the engine control unit signal, the injector solenoid coil energized to drive the injector needle valve action. As the gap between the needle valve and the valve seat is clogged with sticky glue, the needle valve can not be opened normally, thus affecting the normal injection quantity. Fuel injector needle stuck fault occurs, the engine will start difficult, idle instability, poor acceleration and other symptoms. The main reason for fuel injector build-up is the use of inferior gasoline due to paraffin and gums in inferior gasoline, which can result in stuck fuel injector valves.

Injector blocked

Injector blockage failure can be divided into injector internal blockage and injector head external blockage. The main reason for the internal blockage of the injector is that the impurities in the gasoline are mixed with the movement gaps that the dirt clogs the internal needle valve of the injector to make the injector operate abnormally. When the fuel injector blockage occurs, the engine will start corresponding difficulties, idling instability, poor acceleration and other symptoms, even in severe cases can cause severe engine jitter, and lead to the occurrence of abnormal wear of the original mechanical parts.

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