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- Jan 21, 2018 -



For EUI , electronic controlled injector, the basic work principle is as following:

Four work phases constitute a fuel injection cycle: fuel fill, fuel injection timing, injection start, fuel injection end.

1.Fuel filling stage

No solenoid valve control signal,The control valve opens,The low pressure fuel passage communicates with the plunger chamber,As the camshaft rotates upward, the low-pressure fuel is drawn into the plunger chamber.

2.Timing stage

As the camshaft turns the plunger downwards, the fuel in the plunger chamber is drained through the throat of the control valve


At optimized crank angle, the ECM (engine control module) signals the electromagnetic control valve drive. The control valve is closed, cutting off the communication between the low pressure oil chamber and the high pressure piston oil chamber.

3.Start injection stage

Driven by the cam, the plunger continues to descend

Down the plunger squeeze plunger cavity species of fuel, fuel pressure rapidly increased

When the fuel pressure is greater than the needle valve opening pressure, the needle valve quickly opened to start the fuel injection

The time from the start of the control signal to the point at which injection actually occurs is called the injector response time. This response time has an important effect on injector performance, injection start timing and fuel injection volume and must be carefully addressed. For different EUI injectors, the response time is not the same, generally between 300 ~ 1200μsec

4.Injection over stage

Driven by the cam, the plunger continues to descend

The ECM shuts off the solenoid valve drive signal

The control valve is returned by the return spring and opens the control valve. The high-pressure plunger chamber communicates with the low-pressure fuel supply chamber, and the high-pressure fuel in the plunger chamber is rapidly returned to the low-pressure chamber through the control valve passage. Plunger chamber pressure drops sharply

Once the needle pressure chamber pressure drops below the needle closing pressure (which is lower than the needle opening pressure), the needle valve seats under the action of a spring. Fuel injection stopped.

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