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About turbocharger

- Nov 30, 2017 -

As the car gasoline engine speed than the diesel engine, the air flow speed and wide range of changes, so its turbocharger has higher requirements. Modern car engines have been widely used in electronic injection systems. With the cooperation of electronic control technology and new materials, the application of turbochargers on gasoline engines will also become increasingly common.

Exhaust turbochargers for cars use single-inlet turbine housings, meaning that they use only the pressure energy of the exhaust gas without the need for additional auxiliary energy. Due to the large speed range of the car engine, the exhaust turbocharger must have an adjusting device to enable the engine to obtain a relatively constant supercharging pressure within a certain speed range. In addition, the gasoline engine is ignited ignition, its compression ratio is limited to a certain extent, too high will trigger deflagration. Therefore, there must be deflagration detection and control agencies, adjust the ignition advance angle.

Car exhaust turbocharger is generally installed near the exhaust pipe, turbine and impeller were installed in the turbine chamber and supercharger, both rigidly connected coaxially, synchronous rotation.

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